The only company in South Africa that is able to manufacture and test tanks to ISO/SANS 21487, ABYC H24 and H33 specifications and US Coast guard federal regulations.


We specialize in aluminium welding and fabrication with an emphasis on building fuel and other tanks for boats and trucks.  


We also supply flat pack kits and complete aluminium pontoon and other working boats as well as aluminium hulls for rubber ducks.

We are dedicated to constant innovation and problem solving and are able to tackle a wide variety of light engineering jobs apart from boats and tanks. 

Areas of expertise

Aluminium and stainless steel fuel tanks
Aluminium pontoon boats
Aluminium Steering Gear Components
Aluminium railings and pipework
Aluminium transoms
Boat components
CNC Router cutting
Aluminium pipe bending
Aluminium and Stainless Steel Welding and Fabrication

Add-on services we offer

  • 2D and 3D cutting of Non-Ferrous metals. (Wood, Aluminium and Plastics)
  • We offer much experience with marine design elements 
  • We can assist with the design and implementation of your aluminium pontoon boat and other marine projects

17 Chain Avenue Montague Gardens, Western Cape